Annual Supper 2015

(with thanks to A. Deas for the photos)
Who did what: previous suppers

top table 2015

The Top Table
Rt Hon Henry McLeish - Hon President
Kevin Thompson FSA Scot, BPBC I.P. President (The Lasses)
David J MacDonald, President BPBC
Alistair Deas Peace and the People
Ronnie Fleming Auchterderan Jolly Beggars
John Lamond Auchterderan Jolly Beggars
Bert Ritchie Immortal Memory

The annual supper was held on Saturday 24th Jan 2015 in the Dundonald Institute. As always tickets were in very high demand and over 110 gents turned out for another great evening of Burns and companionship. The evening, as ever was packed full of Burns, starting at 5:30 and ending at midnight. This was club president David MacDonald's last in the chair.

All three toasts this year were well delivered and well received - and all by club members. Kevin Thompson's Toast to the Lasses contained some humour as well as some interesting insights into the Bard and his own lasses!
Peace and People was delivered by concert party leader Alistair Deas, and Bert Ritchie gave us his own take on Burns for the Immortal Memory

The main Toasts this year were performed by:

Kev Thompson
Immediate Past President Kev Thompson - The Lasses
Bert Ritchie
Bert Ritchie - The Immortal Memory

Ali Deas
Alistair Deas -Peace & The People


Stuart Malcolm & Bob Garmory PP- A Man's a Man
DJ Mac
DJ MacDonald - Club President
The Company watch the Twa Dugs
crowd 2
The Company

Past President Kevin Thompson completed a fairly unique collection when he delivered the Toast To The Lasses this year, having now done every major item in the club programme - from the opening song way back in 1994 (and again this year with several others in between), Tam O Shanter in 1995, Address to the Haggis in 1997, then Toasts- Peace and the People in 2008, the Immortal Memory in 2013 and The Lasses this year.He recited Holy Willie's Prayer in 2012 and the Twa Dugs in 2014. Kevin was president from 2010-2012 as well. Surely a milestone by any standards. This is almost equalled by Past President Robert Garmory who also has the full list - apart from the opening song...... Over to you Bob!


Over the course of this year's supper approximately over 40 items were heard by a very enthusiastic company.
The club excels in having not just the well known works of the Bard but lesser known gems too.

Welcome  2015 President David
Address to a Haggis Jason Watson
Selkirk Grace Alan Rodger
Presidents Remarks President David
Greetings From Clubs Willie Miller
There Was  a lad Kevin Thompson
Epistle to a young Friend Frank Sandeman
Mary Morrison Tom Hopton
Willie Wastle James McLean
Yon Wild Mossy Mountains Humph Evry
The Twa Dugs Intro: Iain  ,Ceasar Bob: Luath Archie
The Deils Awa wi the Exiseman Alex Abercrombie
Scotch Drink Archie Abercrombie
Killiecrankie Allan D MacDonald
Lines on Meeting With Lord Daer Bob Shepherd
The Banks Of Doon Robert F Wallace
The lea-Rig Jim Scott
Musical Interlude Paul Glancy, W Miller
1st Interval  
Piping Solo Jock Ritchie
The Immortal Memory Bert Ritchie
Scots Wha Hae Community
Holy Willies Prayer Jim Chalmers
McPhersons Farwell Alistair Deas
The Inventory John Berry
Here's a Health to Ane I Lo'e Dear Tom Hopton
The Lass that made the Bed for me Robert F Wallace
The Ploughman B.P.B.C. Sextet
Hallowe'en extract Ron Fleming
Dainty Davie Bill Adie
2nd Interval  
To Peace And The People Alistair Deas
My Luv is Like a Red Red Rose David F MacDonald
Tam O Shanter Bob Garmory
Slaves Lament Willie Miller 
A Man,s A Man For ' That Stewart M ,Bob G
Death & Dr Hornbook Danny Ritchie
Auld Lang Syne (Original Tune) Kevin Thompson
My Father Was A Farmer Iain Harkins
Farewell to Lodge Tarbolton Douglas Abercrombie
The Jolly Beggars Cantata ( Extract) B.P.B.C. Concert party
Musical Interlude Stewart Abercrombie
3rd Interval & Raffle  
Toast To The Lassies Kevin Thompson
Green Grow The Rashes Community
To A Mouse Jason Watson
Ye jacobites by name Alistair Deas
Up Wi'The Carls Of Dysart Bill Adie
Presentation To Speakers President Dave
Vote Of Thanks Iain Harkins
The Star O Rabbie Burns  Alex Hodge
Auld Lang Syne Community


As can be seen there was a great mix of recitations, songs and speeches, all received with much enthusiasm by the company. Once again Paul provided a superb musical accompaniment and the traditional fare was well served by staff from the 'Tipsy Nipper'. The evening was smoothly presided over by club President Davie MacDonald and ended at midnight with the entire company singing Auld Lang Syne for the second time. It was earlier sung by IPP Kev Thompson to the original Burns' tune.

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