Hugh Docherty's Funeral: Friday 18th May 2007: Some thoughts by DJ MacDonald

  As you can expect there was a terrific number of people at the crematorium to give their last farewells to the big fellow, so many that apart from standing in the area at the entrance to the crem there was a significant number outside as well. The REA (Royal Engineers Association) for which Hugh had been an engine driver during his national service days in Dortmund Germany, had a Standard Party on Duty who Dipped their Standard as his coffin passed entering into the crem.

The organist played various Burns' tunes at the start of the service and a young piper, Greig Wilson from the Dundonald Pipe Band, played  Flowers of the Forest and Dark Island as the coffin came out of the hearse. Note one of the pallbearers was John Gilfillan who had given us the Immortal Memory at the 66th Annual Supper.

The minister gave a good service commemorating Hugh's life. The first Hymn sang was the 23rd psalm sung in Auld Scots which I thought was appropriate. After the service we then went back to the Bowhill War Memorial Club which again was well attended with a lot of the people having to stand as there was not enough space in the hall for everyone to be seated.

Sadly another of our members has died. Drew Linton was killed tragically in a vehicle accident ; the vehicle was being driven by his daughter at the time, as reported in Friday 25th Fife Free Press. His Funeral was on Monday 28th May.

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