Club Song

Although originally "Ye Banks and Braes O Bonnie Doon", which is still sung at our annual supper, the more frequently sung

"Up wi' the Carls o' Dysart"

has become the new club song from April 2008.

Robert Burns passed through Fife on his return to Edinburgh from one of his Highland tours in 1787. It is thought (AJ Mackay 1986) he collected this song then and it has special significance to the club being so close to home! "Dysart, Buckhaven, Largo and Leven were fishing villages in Burns day. The chorus was allegedly sung as the fishing boats were hauled up onto the beach." (ibid). All our club members jump to their feet unannounced when the first verse is repeated at the end.........

Up wi' the Carls o' Dysart,
        (Hey Ca Thro)

Up wi' the carls o' Dysart,
And the lads o' Buckhaven,
And the kimmers o' Largo,
And the lasses o' Leven.

Hey, ca' thro', ca' thro',
For we hae muckle ado.
Hey, ca' thro', ca' thro',
For we hae muckle ado;

We hae tales to tell,
An' we hae sangs to sing;
We hae pennies tae spend,
An' we hae pints to bring.

We'll live a' our days,
And them that comes behin',
Let them do the like,
An' spend the gear they win.

Repeat first verse and chorus



Ca thro' means to keep working
are old men
are gossips
muckle ado
means much to do

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The Bowhill People's Burns Club Golden Jubilee

This tune was composed by David Johnstone of Glasgow for our Golden Jubilee in 1990. It was the winner in the Bagpipe Tune Competition sponsored by RT Shepherd and Son, Bagpipe Manufacturers, Cardenden, Fife - on behalf of BPBC. Entries for the competition were received from around the world.



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