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Quiz on the Life and Works of Robert Burns

1.  "Sae rantingly, sae wantonly
Sae dauntonly gaed he;
He play'd a spring and danced it round
Below the gallows-tree"

Who was Burns writing about?

2.     Name Burns' father

3.     Where was Highland Mary born?

4.     How old was Jean Armour when she married Burns?

5.     Who was "Bonnie Lesley"

6.     What was the name of Robert's father's farm?

7.     Who was "Souter Johnnie"?

8.     Name the farm Robert and Jean lived in after they married.

9.     In which year did Burns die?

10.  In which year did Robert's father die?

11.  What was the title of the Kilmarnock edition of Robert's poems?

12.  Who painted the portrait of Burns that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery?

13.  In which churchyard is Robert Burns buried?

14.  Of which other poet was Burns an admirer?

15.  Where is the Brig O' Doon?


~Remember, no prize but email me your best efforts for a mention!



So What Did Burns Look Like?

Of course no-one really knows the answer to this as photographs did not exist in Burns' time. All we have to go on are the paintings, engravings and silhouettes made during and after Robert's lifetime. Below are some of the well-known representations of the Bard. (Background information from Burns:Authentic Likenesses by Basil Skinner)

RB by Nasmyth
RB by Reid
RB by Nasmyth pencil sketch
RB by Nasmyth

Alexander Nasmyth 1787 Commissioned by Wm Creech and given to Mrs Burns. Bequeathed by Col. Wm Burns (RB's son) to the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland 1872

Alexander Reid Miniature 1795/6
Bequeathed by Wm F. Watson to the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland 1886

A. Nasmyth 1787.
Pencil Sketch. Bought by National Gallery of Scotland 1928

Alexander Nasmyth 1828
Commissioned by Rbt Chambers
Bequeathed by Sir Hugh Hume Campbell to the National Gallery of Scotland 1894

RB Masonic portrait
RB by Skirving
RB by Buego
RB by Taylor

Masonic Portrait: date unknown

Archibald Skirving Portrait 1796/8
In red chalk.
Bought by National Portrait Gallery of Scotland 1910

Buego Engraving John Miers Silhouette 1787
Bequeathed to the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland 1886

Peter Taylor Portrait 1786
Descended through Taylor family
Bequeathed to the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland 1927


Statue Quiz

There are many statues of Burns throughout the world. Can you identify the ones below? No prize but a mention on the site for a good entry.
If you get desperate and need the answers....just ask!

Well done to Colin Harris from Winnipeg Burns Club for a Good entry

Exceptional entry from Bill Dawson : you know your statues Bill!


If you know some of them, email me at

statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB


statue of RB




(These pictures are used in good faith and are from a variety of sources. If any are copyright please let me know and they will be removed)


If you have any photographs of Burns' statues please email me them and I will put them on the site. Thanks.


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