Members and Items

The great strength of BPBC lies in its members willingness to talk about the Bard and perform his songs and poems at venues great and small.

There are currently almost 100 members and between them they can perform over 60 items including:


Address To A Haggis
Death and Doctor Hornbook
Epistle to Major Logan
Holy Willie's Prayer
Reply To A Trimming Epistle Received From A Tailor
Scotch Drink
Tam O Shanter
Tam Samson's Elegy
The Jolly Beggars
The Henpecked Husband
The Lass that Made the Bed for Me
The Twa Dugs
To A Louse

Willie Wastle

A Lass Wi' A Tocher
A Man's a Man
Ae Fond Kiss
Afton Water
Auld Lang syne
Awa Whigs Awa
Ay Waukin O
Ca The Ewes
Carls O Dysart
Corn Rigs
Dainty Davie
Duncan Gray
Gae Bring Tae Me a Pint O Wine
Green Grow the Rashes O
Happy Friendship
Here's A Health Tae Ane I Lo' Dear
I'll Ay Ca' In By Yon Toun
John Anderson My Jo
Lassie Wi' The Lint White Locks
Mary Morison
McPherson's Farewell
Montgommerie's Peggy
My Heart Is Sair
My Love is Like A Red Red Rose
My Love she's But A Lassie Yet
O A The Airts
O Once I Loed A Bonnie Lass
Rattlin Roarin Willie
Scots Wha Hae
Such a Parcel O Rogues
Sweet Afton
The Bonnie Lass O Ballochmyle
The De'il's Awa Wi' The Exciseman
The Gallant Weaver
The Gowden Locks O Anna
The Lea Rig
The Ploughman
The Rantin' Dog, The Daddie O
The Slave's Lament
The Soldier's Return
There Was a Lad
Westlin' Winds
When First I Saw Fair Jeanie's Face
Where Helen Lies
Willie Brewed A Peck O Maut
Ye Jacobites By Name
Yon Wild Mossie Mountain

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