Photo Gallery


1990 Committee

2000 Committee
BPBC Officials and Committee

BR/L to R: Bob Garmory, Archie Abercrombie(Vice Pres), Alex Abercrombie, David Anderson(Treasurer), Bob Shepherd, John Hopton,
David F MacDonald, Wm Adie
Seated/L to R : Charles Kennedy(Secy), Hugh Docherty, Tom Hopton(Pres),
Jim Ewan, Wilf Allsop

Committee 1990 Committee 2000



Every Picture Tells a Story

Jolly Beggars

Extract from the Jolly Beggars: Club Supper



Group of Worthies

Dougie Abercrombie enthusiastically addressing the haggis: Dalwhinnie 2005

The Ploughman Dalwhinnie

"The Ploughman": Dalwhinnie 2005


Club Choir


Bowhill Choir under Jimmy MacGregor

Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson; club stalwart, sadly missed

Humphrey Evry

Humph Evry - late accompanist

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne: another great supper



1980s pic 1 1980s pic 2


Members: early 1980s


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