Burns Wall Hanging

Carolle Graham - wife of Jack - tells why she spent ten months making the wall-hanging and what was behind the design:

The reason that I decided to do the wall hanging was when Jack came home from last year's Burns Supper he was talking about the 250th Anniversary in 2009 and the idea started to form.  I decided to do six panels.   The most obvious was that of Burns' cottage and that became the first panel and the Kirk and the Bridge at Doon also seemed to be obvious choices.  

I also decided that Tam O'Shanter would be one of the easier poems to depict giving me an easy way to include the Kirk at Alloway followed by Tam on his horse with Nan (I think that was her name) catching at the mare's tail and then the Brig o' Doon making up the bottom three panels.

The last two panels were a bit more difficult to decide on.   However, in the end I decided that a collage of three of his poems would perhaps suit one panel, while the last panel was to be what some people call Burns' Prayer.   The three poems were Twa Dogs, To a Mouse and To Mountain A Daisy.   To this last panel I decided that the plough had to be included as it was part of the last two poems at least.   These two plus the cottage would make to top row of the wall hanging.

That left the border and I decided that all that would go on this would be the name ROBERT BURNS and the dates of his birth



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